Board of Directors


Nasser Al Hai



Nasser Al Hai is an accomplished Civil Engineer with over a decade of construction experience gained with respected multi-disciplinary global architectural organizations, government and regulatory authorities. His extensive professional experience has provided knowledge of many forms for building structures including residential, educational, commercial, mixed-use and industrial.

Taking his in-depth experience in Consultancy, Post – Contract, Site Supervision and Project Management has put DEC Dynamic on the map where it is today. His pragmatic management skills along with holistic approach in engineering are contributing factors in being the driving force behind DEC Dynamic’s accomplishments over the years.

Being the Chairman of the organization and notwithstanding DEC Dynamic’s continued success, he firmly believes in the power of dreams, passion and ambition. With this, he has administered landmark projects for the firm leading them to be the consultant of choice within the region where the corporate landscape is in constant change. The successful outcome of DEC Dynamic’s great efforts is a clear testament of its unwavering dedication and commitment to transform tomorrow for generations to come.

Nasser Al Hai currently pursues his Ph.D. in Construction Management and holds a Masters Degree in Advanced Civil Engineering from the American University of Sharjah. He has completed his Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Management and garnered his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Higher College of Technology Dubai.

Latha Mahindra


Vice President – Design & Production

Latha Mahindra commenced her career as an Architect in 1992. She has over 22 years of professional experience with leading practices in India, Canada and the UAE. Latha joined DEC Dynamic as Vice President, Design & Production. Prior to joining DEC she has led various International Architectural & Engineering companies in the position of Head of Architecture and Design Director.

Latha is a highly skilled and dedicated leader and has demonstrated her ability to lead and manage complex projects with minimal disruption. Over the years she has acquired skills to navigate Projects and utilizes the broad range of design and technical experience to deal with different phases of the Projects and to produce the required deliverables in a timely manner and within budget.

Latha has made invaluable contributions to the Company by working effectively and hand-in-hand with Clients, including those who have different mindsets from a variety of cultural backgrounds. She strives to ensure Client satisfaction within the limits of realistic expectations.
Latha’s goal is to create quality services within the constraints of the very tight schedules that are common place in the Dubai Construction Industry.

Latha is a decision maker on a daily basis, in all Projects and administrative aspects. She coordinates daily between different team members, disciplines, sub consultants, and clients, a unique challenge within the extreme time limitations. Latha interacts with all team players effectively and ensures a smooth and efficient flow of information. She communicates personally with all governmental authorities so as to ensure all approvals are rendered within the required schedule.

Mamdouh Farrag


Vice President – Construction Administration

Mamdouh Farrag arrived in Dubai in 2004, after completing ten years between Egypt and USA and has been practicing his profession here continuously since then. In addition to his ten-year tenure in Dubai as Construction Administration Vice President in DEC Dynamic Engineering Consultants, Mamdouh Farrag has served as Senior Designer, Project Architect and Design Director for several consultancy firms in Egypt, USA and Dubai.

His direct involvement with the design & construction process results in a “hands-on” personal approach. His key element of designing with a client and the active involvement throughout construction gives a high level of reaching the client’s satisfactions and projects needs.

His diverse design & construction portfolio includes residences, recreational facilities, retail/mixed use projects, commercial and public office buildings.

Mamdouh Farrag received on 1994 a Bachelor of Architecture Engineering from Alexandria University, Egypt. He is a member of ‘’Society of Engineers UAE”, ‘’Egypt Engineers Syndicate’’, ‘’Society of Egyptian Architects’’ and holding Dubai Municipality Registration for Building Department.