Six Flags Theme Park

Six Flags is a unique thrill based theme park designed to allow all ages to experience speed and excitement. Much of the concept is focused on providing high intensity, adrenaline inducing experiences that reflect the Six Flag’s brand core values and guest experience.

Six Flags at Dubai Parks will be part of Dubai Parks destination development, a themed entertainment resort district that is itself part of the large master-planned development planned for Jebel Ali, between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The park will be divided into six lands, with areas for future expansion.

The lands are:

  1. Thrill-seeker Plaza
  2. Great America
  3. Great Adventure
  4. Discovery Kingdom
  5. Fiesta Texas
  6. Magic Mountain
  7. 4 areas of future expansion

Six Flags at Dubai Parks project is intended to include the following components; rides, attractions, retail, F&B outlets and guest services.