Construction Administration


At DEC Dynamic Engineering Consultants, we understand that Construction Supervision is necessary to: ensure that the works are constructed in accordance with the design and specification, safeguard the quality of construction, oversee the safety of the works, provide a cost-monitoring service to the client, etc.

Our role in construction supervision varies depending on the contract e.g. re-measure, Design & Build (D&B), Design, Build, Finance & Operate (DBFO), and Early Contractor Involvement (ECI).

The range of services offered is tailored to match the scope of works and the client’s requirements. They may include:

Provision on site of a: Resident Engineer, Engineer’s Representative or other engineering and environmental staff as necessary

Auditing the Contractor’s construction (not limited to the following) in compliance with the design and/or specification.

  • Limited modification of the design
  • Quality and Environment Management
  • Construction Design Management (CDM) statutory compliance
  • Technical inspection of materials and workmanship
  • Monitoring of contractor’s planning, programme and progress
  • Advice to the Employer on matters of contract, payment and liability
  • Reporting and As-Built records
  • Maintenance and Defect Period Monitoring